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Refractive surgery – Myopia, Hyperopia and astigmatism information

It is true that most people still correct their myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia etc with a pair of glasses! Probably though, the majority of people visiting Eyesite.org have other ideas and are interested in refractive eye surgery. Eyesite’s consultant refractive eye surgeon Dr Simon Levy specialises in laser eye surgery. You may choose a flap based technology such as LASIK which is extremely well established and very comfortable afterward or you may prefer the ‘slightly less surgical’ procedure of LASEK which is also known as EPI-LASIK or alternatively by its much older name of photo-refractive keratectomy (PRK). Whatever technique you choose, laser eye surgery will be done using an excimer laser to treat your focus defect, be it myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism or presbyopia.

You may come across an old (and in the author’s opinion completely outmoded) procedure called ‘radial keratotomy’. This technique which is generally no longer practised since the advent of LASIK or LASEK surgery, was used to treat near-sightedness. Four or more radial incisions were made in the cornea, depending on how short-sighted the person was. The more short-sighted, the more incisions were made. For astigmatism circumferential incisions were made at the periphery of the cornea. The result of the radial keratotomy incisions was the flatening of the cornea and reduction in myopia or astigmatism thus enhancing the eye’s vision. Beware! There are much better way of correcting myopia in the author’s opinion, and whether you choose LASIK or LASEK, PRK or EPI-LASIK you are likely to enjoy a superior result.

To receive the best in refractive surgery, get in touch with Eyesite.org for more information and schedule an appointment.