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It is undoubtedly the best decision I have ever made. I still can’t believe that I don’t have to wear my lenses anymore, that I drive at night without any visual aid, and my long distance sight is now better than my kids!

Simon suggested having the surgery on both eyes at the same time which worked brilliantly for me

His reassuring manner and crystal clear explanation of the procedures put me totally at ease

It took only one hour to remove cataract from both eyes and replace them with two marvellous multifocal lenses that enable me to see the world in sharp focus and glorious colour … and I don’t need reading glasses!

Mr Levy did an amazing procedure in replacing my lenses, and I now have better than 20+20 vision in both eyes

Two cateract removals at the same time and correction lenses. By the day after the procedure I was reading unaided, and at 4 weeks 20/20 distance vision as well