Simon G Levy

Consultant Eye Surgeon
Reassuring Personal Care - Advanced Technology - Specialist Cataract and Refractive surgeon

Collagen Crosslinking for Keratoconus

Keratoconus causes progressive cornea deformation sentencing young patients to lifelong dependence on hard-to-tolerate contact lenses or worse, cornea transplantation.

A breakthrough treatment arrives

A new treatment, cornea collagen crosslinking, has transformed the prognosis of keratoconus

A single quick procedure under topical anaesthesia stabilises cornea shape, preventing worsening of the disease - permanently

Normal cornea profile (left). Keratoconic cornea profile (right)

Cornea collagen crosslinking works best when done early

Crosslinking treatment for a keratoconic eye

Eyesite surgeon Dr Simon Levy was one of the first cornea specialists in the UK to perform cornea collagen crosslinking

Crosslinking treatment of progressive keratoconus: new hope
Current Opinion in Ophthalmology 2006 vol 17/4(356-60). Wollensak G
5-year results of the Dresden clinical study showed that in all 60 treated eyes the progression of keratoconus was stopped.