Simon G Levy

Consultant Eye Surgeon
Reassuring Personal Care - Advanced Technology - Specialist Cataract and Refractive surgeon

In blepharitis and dry eye, the eyelid glands malfunction and become blocked. The glands normally produce a lubricant that smooths blinking and reduces evaporation from the eye’s surface. Insufficient lubrication brings the symptoms that so trouble sufferers – redness, itching, uncomfortable contact lenses, sensitivity to air conditioning and so forth.

Lipiflow is a sophisticated device that unblocks the eyelid glands

An applicator warms them to the precise temperature at which the blockage liquefies and mechanical rollers squeegee it out; the glands function again. It is safe, fast (treatment takes 12 minutes per eye) and does not hurt.

Lipiflow empties blocked eyelid glands more effectively than traditional home methods and is much quicker — one or two applications each year compared to a twice daily routine at home. Symptoms often improve for 6-12 months.

Superior eyelid gland emptying may improve the long term prognosis of blepharitis and dry eye

Why? Blockage damages the delicate architecture of the glands – unless it is successfully relieved they may largely stop working and disappear, so worsening these conditions.

A high tech Lipiflow applicator

The Lipiflow device controls the applicator

You should understand that Lipiflow does not work for everyone and that ongoing 6 -12 monthly treatments may be necessary.