Simon G Levy

Consultant Eye Surgeon
Reassuring Personal Care - Advanced Technology - Specialist Cataract and Refractive surgeon

Laser Eye Surgery

Affordable laser eye surgery, customised for you!

Dr Simon Levy has performed laser eye surgery since 1997. He will look after you himself at every stage of your treatment. He uses confidence-inspiring, flagship laser technology.

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Eyesite is 5 star rated for refractive surgery. Don’t just take our word for it!

The Eyesite Difference

Our patients entrust their care to Simon Levy because

  1. 23 Years experience of laser eye surgery
  2. Consultant ophthalmologist specialising in refractive surgery since 1998
  3. 10,000 eye surgeries
  4. Clinic at Spire Bushey Hospital, Hertfordshire
  5. Simon looks after his patients at every stage of the journey including pre- and post-treatment care
  6. Superb Swiss and German laser equipment for all-laser Lasik
  7. Competitive cost – laser eye surgery £1900 per eye

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Laser Eye Surgery

Quick, Convenient and Extremely Effective

Eyesite utilises elite diagnostic and treatment technologies to optimise your vision.

Your Consultation

  • Begins with the most sophisticated measurements your eyes have ever had
  • You then have plenty of time with Eyesite’s specialist Simon Levy to discuss your care


Per Eye

Take your first step toward freedom from glasses

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