Simon G Levy

Consultant Eye Surgeon
Reassuring Personal Care - Advanced Technology - Specialist Cataract and Refractive surgeon

Cataract is a fogging of the eye’s natural lens: your world is blurred, colours are muted. During cataract surgery the eye’s natural lens is removed. Its replacement, a lens implant, may be customised to dramatically improve your eyesight.

Imperfections such as short or long sight, astigmatism, reading glasses and defects causing glare at night may all be treated – provided the optimum lens implant is used.

Customised lens implants are the best way to achieve freedom from glasses, especially reading glasses, after cataract surgery.

An advanced lens implant designed for full spectacle independence. The upper half focuses distance and the lower (red) is for reading. Astigmatism is also corrected. It’s diameter is 0.6cm. The two arms secure it in the eye where it cannot be seen or felt. 

Vision with customised lens implants may be outstanding

Near vision without glasses is much better with a customized (2) compared to a standard (1) lens implant

Customized lens implants correct astigmatism and patients see clearly without glasses (4) Standard lens implants do not correct astigmatism (3)

(Images above are simulated)

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