Simon G Levy

Consultant Eye Surgeon
Reassuring Personal Care - Advanced Technology - Specialist Cataract and Refractive surgeon

Personal care and elite technology

Successful laser eye surgery depends on the high quality of your surgeon and his equipment. Treat yourself to Eyesite’s premium service – Simon Levy is an experienced Lasik surgeon who will personally look after you throughout your treatment and uses the magnificent Zeiss refractive suite for vision correction


Zeiss Visumax Femtosecond Laser

The Femtosecond laser is the finest technology available. It focuses thousands of tiny laser spots inside the cornea, the spots joining up to create a continuous cut. This ‘no blade’ technique produces a perfect flap, exquisitely precise in its depth and smoothness.

Femtosecond Laser

Zeiss Mel-90 Excimer laser

The world class Zeiss Mel-90 Excimer laser incorporates numerous technical advances.

Wavefront Correction is a major advance in laser treatment and all my patients receive advanced wavefront technology. The outcome is greatly enhanced quality of vision and patient satisfaction. For example problems with older systems such as glare when driving at night are reduced.

Femtosecond and Excimer lasers work together in Lasik

My patient's story

This lady was short sighted with some astigmatism. Her glasses prescription was right eye: -2.50/- 0.25×180 and left eye: -2.25/-0.75×180. She had bilateral all-laser Lasik ...

'I had been to see two Laser Clinics before being referred to Simon Levy by a colleague. Simon was extremely professional and knowledgeable and I felt at ease straightaway. Meeting and discussing my surgery with the same consultant that performed the surgery was essential for me and something that no-one else could offer. I knew exactly what was going to be done on the day, how I would feel and what to expect afterwards. It is now over a year since I had my treatment and my eyesight is still perfect — I am delighted with the results!'

Wendy Beazley